Three Ways to Make Your Startup Gets More Leads

Building a startup from zero puts you at the risk of producing more products/services more than the market needs. This view might be a bleak reality in entrepreneurship, yet it has happened and is mostly inevitable to companies which are not aggressive enough in their marketing. The only solution to that case is to get target leads as many as you can. And one way to achieve so is by improving your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stats.

These days, businesses of all kinds have shifted their marketing to focus more on the Internet commerce. Transforming your company into a digital business entity allows people from across the world to access the information about you and to reach you without the limitation of space and time. Think about it! The Internet is always accessible twenty-four hours for seven days unless you got off-line. You will reach to your leads regardless of time and space.

A well-managed web these days is more valuable than the overly-expensive billboards, TV commercials, and the old school by-phone sales. Besides, TVs have now been evolving into smart TVs that integrate the Internet into the system.

Creating a Well-Designed Web

No visitors are comfortable to read on a site that displays too many bars, an eccentric theme, and has a complicated user interface. You should trust the design of your site to the professionals, and do not risk it with some DIY doers.

However, paying an overcharge service is also unreasonable. You can find web designers on social media like LinkedIn and Tumblr. Or, you can find a freelance designer on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. Both freelancers and companies have their upsides and downsides.

Freelancers allow you to have a more personal peer-to-peer consultation. They also greatly rely on their reputation. When you give them a bad review, they may not receive any gigs in the future. However, the production might take more time than if you give the task to a web-design company.

Content Management

When it comes to official contents, you have to think beyond your market scope. For instance, why not get your seo articles in foreign languages? Your mindset must be open to all kinds of opportunity. If you live the States, why not get clients from Central Europe? As an English speaking company which welcomes partners who speak Hungarian, you detach yourself from a densely-populated monolingual industry.

Also, you must update your web’s contents according to the relevance. Most SEO gurus advise their students to update their sites frequently. Here, we believe quality beats quantity.

Google counts viewers no longer by how many of them visit a site, but how long they spend their time to read the contents. A meaningful experience is a goal that you should realize on your company’s web.

Social Media and Forum Platforms Integration

The more people are engaged with your services, the more likely you are to get new clients. It is essential to get people on the Internet to discuss your company and gives reviews on you. The Internet today is designed to be organic, in the sense of providing the users with contents that properly fit their interest. Therefore, creating a company web that supports discussions can bring you more organic leads than a site that is only passively-informational.

Making a Successful Website

In 2018, making a website is not something unusual or exclusive anymore. You can quickly learn how to do this for free because everything is on the internet or pay a service that will make you one. The thing that you can not learn overnight or buy is a success for the website which translates into the high traffic of visitors. Here are some tips that might help you out.

Identify your problems

laptopSo you have your website, and you feel like you have done everything that you are supposed to do, but the analytics shows that it is not going great. You might wonder where did you go wrong, and you may never find the answer until someone else comes to assess and identify the problem.

Do more advertising

Obviously, no one is going to visit your site if they do not even know that it exists. Do not get tired of shamelessly promoting the URL and keep spreading the word through your social media post and many other outlets to let the internet knows the existence of your site, how to get there, and why should they do what you want them to do which is opening the website.

Maximize your SEO potential

handNo wonder you are not getting a lot of visitors if you are not yet using any SEO services. It is a way to let your website appear on the first page of result from google search whenever someone looks for a particular keyword that is the most relatable to your site. If what you own is a local business then you might want to consider working with local SEO services that can work based on GPS so people that are in the area can easily find the store.

Sleek website design

No matter how original or great your content is, there is nothing more impressive than sleek web design. While keeping it user-friendly, it is possible for you to find a model that can make people feel what you want them to think about your website’s brand. Invest a little more in graphic design if that is what it takes for you to fix the look of it.