Enhance your online presence with a dual-role

There is a common misconception these days, among business owners, that web design and search engine optimization do not compliment each other. The truth is, however, that they function in unison extremely well. Both of these aspects are invaluable to any business trying to establish and enhance its online presence. That is why hiring a modern web design Manchester agency that also specializes in SEO would be quite a good decision for any business out there.

Business owners usually have a bad habit of hiring a web design and search engine optimization agencies separately. In most cases, this ends up as a poor financial decision, because their combined prices can far exceed the cost of a single web design/SEO agency services. By hiring such an agency, one can save up a considerable amount of money, which can be better used for other business areas. Also, an agency such as that will ensure that their clients’ websites are entirely back-end coded and optimized.

Web design

digitalExpert web design professionals are capable of providing all the critical features in their endeavors. Most of them prefer using the latest design technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Jquery. With the help of these technologies, web designers can enhance a website with a plethora of vital functions, which include:

  • E-Commerce
  • SEO friendliness
  • Responsiveness
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer Support
  • Security


When it comes to engine optimization, the goal of these experts is to optimize a website and its various pages, for certain keywords or phrases. These keywords are the same phrases and words that are being typed by millions of users, all around the world, all the time. The more popular and lucrative the keyword is, the bigger the competition will be for higher search engine results. By hiring an agency that can handle both web design and optimization duties, a business owner will basically kill two birds with one stone, and gain an edge over the closest competitors.


Another big misconception surrounding these dual-role agencies is concerned with their prices. The truth is, they are not cheap. Reputable companies value their efforts, but they do get the job done, and with excellence. Still, there are those that are considered reasonable, but their services are usually considered sub-par. They often lack any advanced skills and are mostly quite inexperienced. Given how intense the competition is these days, an aspiring business endeavor cannot afford itself to lag behind its peers, due to poor web design or engine optimization. If a certain agency offers its services at extremely low prices, then there is a high probability that it is most likely some scam. One should be wary of those because the field of web design and engine optimization is chock full of them.

SEOAlthough there are no cheap and reputable, dual-role agencies on the market, they are still a much better option than hiring two separate ones. Outsourcing two separate tasks to two different organizations, will only strain the budget even more, and create coordination problems. By hiring an agency that can fulfill both roles, the overall price will be lesser, and there will be no issues when coordinating various tasks, which is of great importance because optimization and web design cannot provide maximum results without each other.

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